Looking for Helpers in the Trump Dump

I never thought Trump would become POTUS. I never expected that the 45th president would be someone I thought about every.single.day.
My contention isn’t because my ideals are categorized as “liberal;” in fact, I would be happy if the Commander in Chief had surprised me and actually turned out to be the definition of a good leader (even a lukewarm one) working as he should, for us.He’s not. It’s all about him. Feeding the narcissist we are.
My point is that Trump’s election happened because so many people got comfy and had no idea the shit storm that was going to be upon us due to our complacency. It happened. That reality show guy is in the oval office. He tweets. He lies. Again, he LIES. This means I compare him to past and present dictators with cause. It’s not just because he’s a Republican and I’m a Libtard or whatever term I should answer to.
It’s one thing to resist being PC but another to encourage racist and misogynistic behavior. Calling a woman “horseface?” publicly? Is that what “shooting from the hip” means to a percentage of his supporters? A breath of fresh air? IMO Trump opened up the doors of musty closets full of racists and bigots; this is really dangerous; that DOES NOT mean I think everyone of his supporters falls into that category. I simply do not understand the blind eye. The loyalty to a blatant liar. To a narcissist puffing himself up at every opportunity which is anytime he’s talking.
America was NEVER great for Indigenous people ,most women and/or brown and black persons. In some cases it has never been great for non Christians. This great America 45 refers to was tailored to white middle-class men. I don’t have anything against white middle class men. I love one! He is not however satisfied with a culture that continues to foster a vision of greatness based on WMM.
The fact that Trump has pointed out “the Blacks” love him and has made of point of letting us know there are black people who support him should speak volumes to us. Why is it necessary? 
Millions of us are weary of the anxiety, depression and hopelessness. People catching a ride on the Trump Blimp are doing themselves no favors by sustaining themselves on hate and fear mongering.
I guess I’m basically saying I am not energized by this divisiveness. I really believe the majority of us really don’t want to be embroiled in this schism. Why are we so damn angry?
It’s a pretty significant symptom and it is natural to want to scapegoat someone or some group. To think that if we eradicate those offenders everything will be “great again?”
Statistics and stories spun from a desire to be worshiped are like houses built on sand. I stand with my comparison to dictatorship when it comes to President (ugh) Trump. He has all but defined the “others” who are out to get us and take our jobs and money. Are we that afraid? Do we truly believe refugees fleeing violence are truly dangerous to our economy and safety? That terrorists are planting themselves in a “caravan” in order to slip unnoticed into our country bringing rape and violence? What we focus on grows. Why is it no one focuses on the notion that among those people are humans who will contribute to the United States – by means of art, music or technology. Maybe even of peacemaking? All those people can’t be bloodsucking.

Let’s focus on the amazing idea that America will be stronger and healthier because we pull together and actually take care of each other despite religious differences or our places of origin. Really. We need a grown-up to teach us basic lessons in interacting with each other. You know, a house divided and all the other adages about fear based beliefs will always be true.

Let’s be helpers.

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